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We do not settle for the present and are consistently challenging to build a better security.


M-Secure is carrying out various researches for an innovative solution.

Research on the vulnerabilities

We are studying on the Zero-day, a newly discovered vulnerability, and the vulnerabilities that are critical and the weak point found in various devices.

Research on how to detect the vulnerabilities automatically.

We are studying the automated technology for checking the vulnerabilities.
Also, we are doing various researches on how to find the vulnerabilities automatically on mobile, server software, and IoT devices.

Research on the automation of the attack

We are working on to find the ways of finding the vulnerabilities of the software and attacking them automatically.
Also, we develop the platform for the advanced hacking defense contest and run the contest.

Research on the malicious code

We are working on to find the ways of analyzing and classifying the malicious software more easily.